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Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
School of Business 27th May 2014
International conference



Dear Colleagues,

School of Business and Comparative Economics and Entrepreneurship Department of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics invite you to participate in the International Conference "Entrepreneurship on dynamically developing market" that will take place on 22 of May 2014 in Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

The main goal of the Conference is to summarize the results of research by scientists, postgraduate students, doctoral students and entrepreneurs on pressing matters of entrepreneurship, to exchange experience and scientific results, to discuss role of entrepreneurship in sustainable development of Russia and other countries of the world.

Main scientific fields to be covered by the conference

  1. Russian entrepreneurship - problems, perspectives, possibilities.
  2. Place and role of small, medium and corporate business in world and national economic system..
  3. Intellectual capital of Russian entrepreneurship.
  4. Regional entrepreneurship in Russia - models and peculiarities.
  5. Major factors of revitalization of entrepreneurship in Russia.
  6. State support of Russian entrepreneurship.
  7. Regional development of Russian entrepreneurship.
  8. Economical and social aspects of entrepreneurship.
  9. Moral values and entrepreneurship.
  10. Entrepreneurial climate: conditions, factors and risks of entrepreneurial activities.
  11. Pressing matters of forming entrepreneurial competences.
  12. Peculiarities of Russian legislation in entrepreneurship: problems and tendencies of development.


Languages of the Conference: Russian, English.

A special digest with the materials, approved by editorial board of the Conference, will be issued.

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