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Unique opportunity for students to obtain a Master Degree in Management from 3 (!) partner institutions: Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (Moscow, Russia), the University of Applied Sciences Dresden (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden - Dresden, Germany) and the Institut de Préparation à l'Administration et à la Gestion (IPAG - Paris/Nice, France). Read about study program, admission requirements, tuition fees and other details.

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Plekhanov Russian University of Economics is an accredited Governmental institution licensed to deliver higher education and additional educational services. Status of "University" means that the institution of higher (undergraduate & graduate) and post-graduate education is specialized in a particular field - Economics & Management. University is the largest economic educational institution in Russia and the former Soviet Union. It consists of the following faculties: General Economics; International Business Relations; Finance, Accounting and Banking; Economics and Management; Taxation Policy; Commercial Engineering; Business Administration; Economic Cybernetics; Retailing; Economics of Enterprises; Political Studies and Law; Graduate School and MBA School.

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Plekhanov University offers a two-level system of economic and business education. The first level - a four year full-time Bachelor Degree Program primarily aims at conveying a broad knowledge of fundamentals of economics and business studies. The second level - two year full-time Master Degree Program - will gain students professional skills focusing more closely on their chosen field.

Our graduates are capable young people engaged in all aspects of the nation's industry, economy and commerce. Except for those students who choose to go on further study, the employment rate of graduates is extremely high.

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We are very proud that many of the most famous scientists, economists, political and business leaders, diplomats and other professionals now active in the new Russian economy are Plekhanov trained.

We are also especially proud of the fact that the Plekhanov diploma is certified by UNESCO.

We try to create all the conditions for the highest level of education including the opportunity to get acquainted with leading Western Universities during academic study abroad. We want to have among our graduates really professional, highly educated and intelligent people.

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The history of the Plekhanov University is the history of the 20th century Russia itself, with all its difficulties and different stages. Founded in 1907, the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics became the first and only university in Russia whose main subjects of study were economics, trade and commerce. At that time, the academy was called Moscow Commercial Institute. The academy was founded by Russian merchants, who seen that quick economic growth of country is impossible without skilled managers and economists. The merchants established Moscow Commercial Education Spreading Society, whose mission is quite understandable by its name. The president of the Society was Alexey Vichniakov, merchant of the first guild. Many of Russian distinguished dynasties such as the Abrikosovs or the Smirnovs was the members of the Society and donated money to the new university.


In its first academic year (1907/1908) the institute had 50 students only. But in ten years time their number increased up to 6647. The best students could apply for scholarships and the most successful ones could take part in international programs and go on to study abroad, mainly in Europe.

After the October Revolution of 1917, the Institute took different names. Firstly it became known as Marks Moscow Institute of National Economy, than - Plekhanov Moscow Institute of National Economy . But the idea of training highly qualified students for the Russian economy remained the same. The Plekhanov Academy got its present name in 1991 when it became the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics. Today the University is one of the largest and most prestigious Russian universities with an extensive network of international partnership. Our graduates work for multinational and Russian companies in and outside Russia. Currently, there are around 12,000 full time, part time and distance learning students at the University.


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