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Triple diploma REU

Unique opportunity for students to obtain a Master Degree in Management from 3 (!) partner institutions: Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (Moscow, Russia), the University of Applied Sciences Dresden (Hochschule fŁr Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden - Dresden, Germany) and the Institut de Prťparation ŗ l'Administration et ŗ la Gestion (IPAG - Paris/Nice, France). Read about study program, admission requirements, tuition fees and other details.

Courses Registration


According to the procedure, the student must confirm his choice of courses in the official Learning Agreement (LA), which are to be given to them at the Introduction Meeting. LA form is also available at the website, in this section below.

After the filling, LA must be signed by the student and submitted to the GSB international program coordinator. Otherwise the filled LA can be left by student at the reception desk of the Deanís office. The deadline of LA submission is the end of the first week after studies start (room 138, 1st building). Please note, that the Learning Agreement is the only document, according to which the student can be allowed to take the courses. Therefore if LA is not provided in time, the student will not gain credits for chosen subjects. The LA is also the base for an official Transcript of Records (ToR), so if the course is not marked in the LA, it will surely not be in the ToR.

During first two weeks after the module start the students (especially exchange) may withdraw some courses from their LA or take extra ones. So the changes can be made in the Learning Agreement by filling in an appropriate fields. These changes must be endorsed by the Deanís Office of GSB and signed by the international program coordinator or Deputy Dean. Only in this case the changes are valid. The deadline of LA changes is the end of the second week after studies start.

For courses delivered by other faculties of the Plekhanov University the student gets a special Marks Sheet. This paper contains the list of courses chosen by the student with fields for exam mark and tutorís signature. After exam, the tutor writes the mark gained by student in it and put his/her signature. Please note, that for courses delivered by IBS or other faculties of the Plekhanov University it is obligatory to have the Exam mark with Tutor's signature placed in the Mark Sheet. Otherwise these courses will not be included in studentís final Transcript of Records.


Learning Agreement for Double Diploma students

Learning Agreement for Exchange students

Final assignment

Provisions for written papers