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Unique opportunity for students to obtain a Master Degree in Management from 3 (!) partner institutions: Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (Moscow, Russia), the University of Applied Sciences Dresden (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden - Dresden, Germany) and the Institut de Préparation à l'Administration et à la Gestion (IPAG - Paris/Nice, France). Read about study program, admission requirements, tuition fees and other details.

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Graduate School of Business contributes to the development of Russian economy and society through the supply of high quality master’s level education and training meeting the diverse educational needs of consumers, effectively using the Plekhanov Academy history, its research, teaching and practical expertise, international contacts and developing the Plekhanov brand.

The Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (established in 1907) started to offer Master programs in the Economics in 1992 to train skilled specialists for government, municipal, regional and commercial entities.

In 1991/92, the Plekhanov together with the Academy of Management and Market developed a pilot Master’s program. 1993/94 saw the launch of the first pilot MBA program jointly offered by Plekhanov, Institute of Economy and Finance "Synergia" and the Iyona College from the USA. This was one of the first Russian-American projects in professional education, aimed at training highly skilled specialists for the Russian market economy.

Following the government educational guidelines, Masters programs at Plekhanov present a wide selection of specialized curricula in two areas: Economics and Management. The main characteristic of Plekhanov Masters are:


Master Programs in Russia


"Magistr" in Latin means "Teacher", "Tutor" or "Leader". In ancient Rome, “Master” was the title of high dignitaries while in Byzantine “Master” was the highest official title for those who had knowledge. In the middle ages, Masters were students who achieved highest results in studying sciences.

With time, the title of the students became the name of the education they followed. MBA Programs (Master of Business Administration) in the USA made the term "master" popular and it was applied to those who had already a Bachelor degree and work experience and needed education in management and business administration.

In Russia, Master degrees were introduced in 1803 by an Emperor’s special statement (ukaz) as a scientific title. Those who received this degree were entitled to head a Chair at the University. It was later 1819 broadened to include those who regulate the examinations and award scientific degrees. In 1884, due to the new regulation in education, only two scientific degrees were recognized: Master and Doctor of Science (PhD). They were afterwards annulled in 1917 and reinstated in 1934 by the Soviet authorities as Candidate of Science and Doctor of Science.

Only in 1993 the degree of Master of Science was restored in the Russian Federation to match the global trends in higher education. 31 countries agreed to reform their education system into a two-level one (Bachelor and Master) at the Bologna meeting in 1999. Following this declaration, countries such as Germany, Sweden or Finland started modifying their systems.

Today Master degree follows Bachelor degree and precedes the post-graduate research degree of Candidate of Science (PhD).

Master program

Master programs in Russia used to be awarded exclusively for scientific research. To a certain extent it is still true, as the programs (whatever the subject) ought to bear a substantive dose of research such as data collection, analysis and use of decision-making information. Master programs graduates are not only needed in the education world as teachers or researchers, but also more and more in the business world.

A "Master" is a knowledgeable specialist who effectively combines scientific methodology with modern IT skills.

Today, Master programs in the fields of “Economics” or “Management” not only offer the possibility of deepening one’s knowledge in the chosen area but also provide specialists from other fields with opportunity to graduate with a degree in Business.

Demand for Master programs is rapidly rising in Russia. The Russian labor market does not yet perceive the bachelor degree as a “full-weight” higher education.