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Triple diploma REU

Unique opportunity for students to obtain a Master Degree in Management from 3 (!) partner institutions: Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (Moscow, Russia), the University of Applied Sciences Dresden (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden - Dresden, Germany) and the Institut de Préparation à l'Administration et à la Gestion (IPAG - Paris/Nice, France). Read about study program, admission requirements, tuition fees and other details.

Double Degree program with SKEMA Business School (France)


Double Degree program allows students, when studying at the Plekhanov Graduate School, to follow one semester abroad and to receive two diplomas up on graduation: Master Diploma of the Plekhanov Graduate School and Master Diploma of Partner University.

Currently the Plekhanov Graduate School runs two Double Degree programs - with HTW Dresden (German) and with SKEMA Business School (France).

Partner Institution:
SKEMA Business School

SKEMA Business School was established on June 30th 2009, when Ceram Business School and the ESC Lille School of Management announced their merger. Now SKEMA Business School is already the largest French business school in terms of student numbers and second largest for the number of professors. It has three main campuses situated in Paris, Lille (in Normandy) and Sophia Antipolis (near Cannes an Nice). SKEMA offers several Master specializations in English among which are International Business, Human Resource Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, International Marketing, Luxury and Fashion Management etc.

For more information, see SKEMA Business School web-site.

Study Process:

Students who wish to participate in Double Degree program join the Plekhanov Graduate School either on the basis of Governmental sponsorship or contract payment and study 1st semester in the Plekhanov Graduate School. Then when the contest for international programs participation is announced (normally at the end of December), students have to submit an application for the contest. If an application is successful, during the 2nd semester students fulfill the accustomed procedure for study abroad and go to France for 3rd semester.

The exact Master program which students will follow at the SKEMA Business School is to be chosen by students themselves. It is recommended to choose the program close to the one followed at the Plekhanov Graduate School. The detailed up-to-date list of SKEMA Business School master programs can be found here.

After the semester of study at the SKEMA Business School, students must complete the industrial placement either in Russia or France and to defend their Master Thesis at the Plekhanov Graduate School. Master Thesis is defended only once in Moscow, and defense results are recognized by the SKEMA Business School. When graduating, students receive two diplomas:


Students of any Plekhanov Graduate School Master program can apply for the Double Degree program. The obligatory requirements are following:

For the information of the Entry procedure, please, see Admission Procedure.