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Unique opportunity for students to obtain a Master Degree in Management from 3 (!) partner institutions: Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (Moscow, Russia), the University of Applied Sciences Dresden (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden - Dresden, Germany) and the Institut de Préparation ŕ l'Administration et ŕ la Gestion (IPAG - Paris/Nice, France). Read about study program, admission requirements, tuition fees and other details.

BI Norwegian School of Management


Bi Norwegian

City: Oslo.

Country: Norway.

Web Site:

Type of Partnership: Under-Graduate and Graduate Exchange.

Available exchange units: 2 students for one year, or 4 for a semester.

Criteria to go: Good command of English.

The School / The City:

BI Norwegian School of Management was established in 1943. The school has developed inoto a first-class, future-oriented "School of Management" and is now the second largest academic institution in Norway and one of the largest business schools in Europe.

As an exchange student, you may choose courses from the Bachelor of Science in Business Program or Master of Science Programs depending on whether you’re un undergraduate or a graduate students. All courses are taught in English.

BI Norwegian School of will move to a brand new campus in August 2005: ‘the ‘Business School of the Future’ with facilities that other business schools can only dream of. The new campus is located in Oslo the capital of Norway. Oslo is an exciting city bounded by the Oslo Fjord to the south and unspoiled natural woodlands to the north and east.

A world of opportunities

BI Norwegian School of Management has over 100 exchange agreements with schools and universities in Europe, Asia, the America’s and Australia. Russia and Chile were the last two countries to be included. The exchange agreements allow students to prepare themselves for an international career by exposing them to different cultures and business philosophies.


Welcome to Norway, the best country in the world to live in according to the United Nations. Extending 1,100 miles from north to south, a distance equal to that from New York to Miami, Norway has 12,400 miles of dramatic coastline which once upon a time inspired the Vikings to name the country: Norway, the way to the North. In addition, with only approximately 4.3 million inhabitants, there is plenty of open spaces.